This blog has been initiated as part of a Writer in Residence program at The Orchard Gallery, an Artist-Run Space in South Sydney Uniting Church in Raglan St, Waterloo, NSW.

I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. What started as just one of the ways to learn about the world around me had quickly become a formative trait and ultimately a defining aspect of both my personal and professional life.

Only a couple of years ago I started writing as a natural extension of my reading activity, of my need to express experiences as an immigrant and as a furthering of my artistic practice. My literary adventure started with short essays in self-published zines, and an occasional article for South Sydney Herald.

More recently I found that my creative work benefits from, or even requires, frequent cross-referencing of different disciplines such as art history, ethnology, archaeology, philosophy and cognitive science, to name but a few. Once again I am discovering a lush world of ideas and concepts that starkly contrasts our daily torrent of useless information, and offers an alternative to modern matter-of-fact way of thinking.

This blog is an attempt to share the joy and wisdom I find in the books I read.

I do hope you will find here something you like, and perhaps even something that will make you think, question and wonder.


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